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Service at Swinford Motors

Our workshop  is fully equiped to deal with the service and repair of the modern motor vehicle. 

Swinford Motors technicians trained by Toyota use the latest computerised diagnostic equipment to sort out any fault that may occur in your vehicle.

The workshop also incorporates a D.O.E approved test centre for light commercial vehicles. Pre NCT checks are also carried out on all cars.

The crash repair centre is finished and equipped to the same high standard as the main workshop. Repair work is carried out with the use of an ultra modern car bench and paint oven. This ensures that the repaired vehicle is of the same standard as when it first came out of the factory.

Care for the environment is a priority for us at Swinford Motors. We have programs in place for the recycling of the following items used in our workshop and crash repair centre. Packaging ,Solvents, Lubricants, Filters, Tyres, Plastics, Metals and Batteries. We use a water based (solvent free) paint system in our body shop which eliminates the emmission of harmful solvents into the atmosphere.

Our Parts Department can offer the complete selection of Toyota Parts - "Keep your Toyota a Toyota" with Genuine Parts.

Our service manager is Jimmy Muldowney.

He and his team are fully trained to give the best possible care and attention to your vehicle.

Contact our service team at 094 9251233 for an early appointment to have your vehicle serviced or repaired or book a service online.

Our Service Team

Experts in their field

<p>Tony Mulligan</p>

Tony Mulligan

Contact Number: 094 9251233

Email Address: parts@swinfordmotors.com


<p>Catherine Kilkenny</p>

Catherine Kilkenny

Contact Number: 094 9251233

Email Address: warranty@swinfordmotors.com

Job Title: (Service /Warranty)


<p>Hannah Quinn</p>

Hannah Quinn

Contact Number: 094 9251233

Email Address: hquinn@swinfordmotors.com

Job Title: (Service /CRVT)


<p>Jimmy Muldowney</p>

Jimmy Muldowney

Contact Number: 094 9251233

Email Address: service@swinfordmotors.com

Job Title: (Service Manager)


<p>Tony Mulligan</p>

Tony Mulligan

Contact Number: 094 9251233

Email Address: tmulligan@swinfordmotors.com

Job Title: IT / Bodyshop


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