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Light Bulbs

Light up your drive

It’s easy to take your vehicles’ light bulbs for granted, but having the correct, fully functioning light bulb in your Toyota is an essential part of safe driving, especially at night-time.

The stylish new Toyota Optiwhite bulbs enhance driving safety in all weather conditions, giving you peace of mind on the road as well as a premium look.

Here’s why you should consider Optiwhite bulbs for your Toyota:

  • Increased brightness, contrast and reflections
  • Clear and improved visibility in all conditions
  • Stylish xenon-look white light
  • A competitive long lifetime

Choosing the right bulb is one thing, fitting it is another, which is why we always recommend taking a visit to your local Toyota Authorised Repairer who’ll be able to fit them and optimise the light level and beam spread.

We also have light bulb kits designed specifically for each individual Toyota model. They contain a selection of the most important replacement bulbs, including; headlight, indicator, rear fog, reverse, tail and licence plate lights, perfect for those continental road trips.

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